Trump Just Stopped Press Briefing and Put The Fear of God Into Robert Mueller and the Democrats

President Trump caught up with some pool reporters as he left the White House today on his way to a roundtable event with supporters in Southhampton, New York.

The press questioned him extensively about the recent revoking of former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan.

Trump assured the reporters that he takes security clearances very seriously and that after revoking John Brennan’s clearance earlier this week, he received tremendous support for doing so.

The reporters then asked what Trump would say to critics who claim that he is trying to silence John Brennan by revoking his security clearance. Trump’s response stunned them.

“If anything I’m giving him a bigger voice. Many people don’t even know who he is and now he has a bigger voice. That’s okay with me because I like taking on voices like that. I never respected him.”

The next round of questions were regarding Robert Mueller and his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“And Mr. Mueller has a lot of conflicts also. … Mr. Mueller is highly conflicted. In fact, Comey is like his best friend.”

What he said next immediately silenced the reporters in attendance.

“Let him write his report. We did nothing. There is no collusion.”

The press wants to believe Trump is afraid of Robert Mueller and his investigation but this proves that Trump knows he did nothing wrong and he is not scared of this investigation.

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