Jim Mattis Just Shut Down Rude Reporter Spreading Lies About President Trump

Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis met with German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen last week in Washington, DC to discuss defense budgets for both nations.

Mattis, while waiting for von der Leyen to arrive, spoke briefly with reporters. The press gaggle asked Mattis about the newly named Space Force, which Mattis said he is excited to learn more about in the near future.

In between meaningful questions that Mattis could ask, several rude reporters asked him to comment on the issues with immigration and children being briefly separated from their parents when coming across the border illegally.

HHS is looking at four U.S. Military bases in terms of housing migrants -“

Mattis interrupts her to say that HHS/DHS are just doing their job and that we need to wait and see what happens before he can make any statements. The reporter just wouldn’t let up.

But would you allow the U.S. Military to house families or children on U.S. Military bases?”

This is where Mattis shows that he will not accept this nonsense from the press who are just trying to push their narrative and smear the Trump administration.

“We have housed refugees. We have housed people thrown out of their homes by earthquakes and hurricanes. We do whatever is in the best interest of the country so you’re going to have to ask about the border and this situation with the people responsible for it. I’m not going to chime in from the outside.”

These reporters know darn well that James Mattis will support and follow orders from other agencies that need the U.S. Military’s help to keep people safe. That is the bottom line.

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