Angela Merkel Comes Forward, Sends All Trump’s Critics Scurrying Back Under Rocks They Crawled From

Angela Merkel just embarrassed every single liberal in America who called Trump a traitor for the sin of…meeting with Putin?

It’s true, the media and the left went crazy over a meeting and awkward press conference and roundly called Trump a traitor.

Yesterday they gasped when Trump said he was inviting Putin to come to the White House for an official visit.

They doubled down, calling Trump a traitor for the sin of having a second meeting with Putin?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday said that it “must once again become normal” for Russian and U.S. presidents to meet after the White House invited Putin to Washington for a second meeting.

“In principle, it’s always good for everyone when there are talks, particularly when there are talks between these two countries,” Merkel said at a press conference, according to the Associated Press.

Some lawmakers, including Senate Republicans, are pushing back against the prospect of a second summit so soon after the two leaders met privately for two hours this week.

She said she is “glad that Montenegro is a member” of NATO, and that the group’s Article 5 calling for member nations to defend other nations under attack is “a central element of NATO.”

“I believe this Article 5 valid for all NATO member states, not just for big ones or small ones or for some,” Merkel said, according to the AP.

According to Reuters Merkel added,

“I think it should become normal again for Russia and American presidents to meet,” Merkel told a news conference in Berlin.

On transatlantic ties, she said history showed Europe and the United States had been at odds many times “but it is always worth resolving these conflicts.”

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