After Reporter Falsely Accuses Trump of Crime, Sarah Huckabee Destroys Both Mueller & Reporter

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing today shortly before President Trump spoke during a later White House meeting.

It was a quick briefing so that media could cover President Trump’s meeting but Sarah was still forced to field the repetitive questions that have been answered time and time again.

Reporters were frothing at the mouth over how much President Trump is using Twitter to get his message out to the American people.

Sarah reminded them that Trump has not been treated fairly by the media in this country and that is why he prefers to speak directly to the citizens of this country without a biased slant that would be given by the media.

Another point of repeated contention among the reporters was Trump calling for an end to the pathetic witch hunt that is the Mueller investigation.

Fox News Radio’s Jon Decker piped up to quote two Republican congressmen who called for Trump to back down on attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller and to ask Sarah if she agrees with their comments.

“Do you agree with that sentiment expressed by Senator Thune that this investigation by Mr. Mueller ought to be completed?”

Sarah’s answer stunned the whole room.

“We certainly think it should be completed. We’d like to see it completed sooner rather than later. It’s gone on for an extensive amount of time and still come up with nothing in regards to the President. We’d like to see it come to a close. We’ve said that a number of times. I’m sure we actually agree on that front.”

Sarah just took their narrative and turned it on its head. The investigation has gone on a ridiculously long time and found nothing to implicate President Trump in any wrongdoing.

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