After Putin Hands Him a Soccer Ball, Trump Turns and Stuns Everyone in the Room

On Monday, during their joint press conference, Russian President Putin and US President Trump shared a moment of lightheartedness when Putin picked up a soccer ball and handed it over to Trump.

He noted that the World Cup just concluded and that the US should look forward to 2026 when the US will host the major event.

Mr. President, I will give this ball to you, and now the ball is in your court.”

Trump took the ball and looked out at the crowd. What he said next brought a smile to everyone’s face – even Putin himself.

“That’s very nice. That will go to my son Barron. We have no question. In fact, Melania, here you go.”

He tosses the ball to his wife in the first row. Her smile is gleaming as she holds the ball for the remainder of the meeting.

While President Trump and First Lady Melania journey the world meeting with foreign leaders and negotiating deals, they never forget what is important: family. Trump is always thinking of Barron and this simple act proves it. They are a beautiful family!

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