After CNN’s Acosta Interrupts Press Conference, Trump Rips Into Him and Stuns the Entire Room

President Trump welcomed Giuseppe Conte, the Prime Minister of Italy, to the White House today, much to the chagrin of Democrats everywhere.

Conte is Trump’s closest ally in the mix of world leaders and other leaders like France’s Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel are weary of their friendship.

The pair held an informal press briefing in the Oval Office where they took questions on trade deals as well as both of their goals to curb illegal immigration to their respective countries.

“I agree very much what you are doing with respect to migration and illegal immigration … he’s taken a very firm stance on the border.”

Conte then thanked President Trump and his administration for hosting him at the White House today and said that he respects Trump very much as a world leader.

Right as the pair were ending the meeting and shuffling reporters out of the room, CNN’s Jim Acosta turned around, refused to leave, and began shouting to President Trump.

President Trump allowed his aides to continue shuffling the press out of the room but when Acosta refused to leave and began shouting over the aides, Trump came to their rescue with a booming voice imploring Acosta to leave immediately.

Trump has had it with these disrespectful reporters being allowed time and time again into these press conferences when all they do is print lies about him and his administration.

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